help compilation qemu

Juan carlos Rebate
Sun May 24 00:08:28 GMT 2020

Good morning, in a previous post I was debating with some nice users (for
technical reasons I can't retrieve that thread)The point is that although
the qemu wiki says it can't compile with cygwin for 64-bit it actually can,
and for technical reasons I haven't been able to communicate it before,The
case is that making a couple of adjustments when looking for all the mingw
packages if they can be found, but there is a problem,Well, really two
problems.1 the compiler is extremely slow, gcc on Linux is about 10 times
faster, How could I speed up the compilation process?.
2 the executables produced are too fat, for example qemu-system-i386 is 65
MB, but it should be 10.5 MB, if I use the -s option in configure returns
an unknown error message, how could I fix it? Thank you

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