Trying to install older version (9.50) of ghostscript - still got 9.52

Maarten Hoes
Wed May 20 18:50:00 GMT 2020


On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 2:36 AM Jim Garrison via Cygwin <>

> The current version of ghostscript is 9.52, but I need to install the
> previous version, 9.50.  I asked setup_x64.exe to replace 9.52 with
> 9.50, but after doing this gs --version still said 9.52.
> The problem seems to be that downgrading ghostscript from 9.52 to 9.50
> does not also downgrade its dependency libgs9 back to 9.50.  Is this
> something the setup system could handle, or is it just something
> one must know to look for when downgrading packages?
> I also tried uninstalling ghostscript 9.52 and reinstalling, but
> that didn't touch libgs9 either.
> --
> Jim Garrison


I recently [1] had a similar question. Turns out you have to take care of
dependencies/prerequisites yourself. It's a manual process that you have to
take care of yourself; setup does not and cannot take care of this for you.
You manually have to figure out what package version go together.

However, I did find this website [2] that archives Cygwin packages releases
by date, so that in essence you can go back to a specific date on which
DD-MM-YYYY all packages were current in the past. I guess you could use
that to go back to the ghostscript release you want. But this does mean

I'm guessing this is not a 'supported cygwin configuration'

You will downgrade to *all* other packages that were 'current' at that date.

Not sure if this helps, and hoping someone else has a better answer,

- Maarten



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