Trying to build OCRmyPDF under Cygwin, hit a brick wall

Jim Garrison
Fri May 15 18:17:35 GMT 2020

On 5/14/2020 5:23 PM, René Berber via Cygwin wrote:
>> if == 'nt':
>>      libname = 'liblept-5'
>>      os.environ['PATH'] = shim_paths_with_program_files()
> Notice this change in search path, dll files in Windows are executables
> and they are (must) installed in the system PATH (or the current
> directory).

$PATH contains /usr/bin

> Either that or python needs the symbols file, like the linker, which in
> this case would be /usr/lib/liblept.dll.a, which is in the -devel
> package, but I doubt it.

Installing the -devel package, and undoing my "fix" to
fixed the problem.  I guess I'm now going to have to learn how to
build a Cygwin package for it.

Unfortunately I didn't realize how involved building it on Cygwin was
going to be and that it would be worth documenting, so I didn't keep
track of everything I had to do (sigh!)

How would I gauge interest in having a Cygwin version of OCRmyPDF?

Jim Garrison

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