Trying to build OCRmyPDF under Cygwin, hit a brick wall

Jim Garrison
Thu May 14 19:45:00 GMT 2020

I'm trying to build OCRmyPDF under Cygwin and have run into a brick
wall. While I've been a developer my entire career, I've worked mostly
in Java and have little knowledge of Python internals and C++. The
problem might be obvious to an expert in these areas but I'm stumped.

OCRmyPDF on Linux installs as a set of "wheel" packages. I gather a
wheel is a pre-built bundle of dependencies. For some reason, under
Cygwin the pip installer believes it cannot use the wheel bundles and
wants to rebuild from source. The problem occurs when trying to rebuild
the pikepdf package.

This post is preliminary. Including the error message here would be
hard to read as it contains very long lines that will wrap and
alignment will be messed up.  I've posted the question to StackOverflow
at where I can use markdown
to make it much more readable.

Is it OK to ask here for any interested party to look at the SO post?
If not, I apologize, and I will post the question in its entirety


Jim Garrison

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