[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygport 0.34.0

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Sun May 10 19:45:03 GMT 2020

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution
and the Fedora Cygwin COPR:

* cygport-0.34.0-1

cygport is the standard method for building and maintaining packages
for the Cygwin distribution.

Highlights of this release:

* A new BUILD_REQUIRES variable is accepted as a list of package names
to check before trying to build as well as add as dependencies in the
(new) separate -src.hint file.  The DEPEND variable (which is not
compatible therewith) is deprecated.

* New [PKG_]PROVIDES and [PKG_]CONFLICTS variables are accepted and
passed into the respective .hint files.

* kde.org: default SRC_URIs are updated for KDE 19.12 and newer.

* meson: cygmeson now passes the --auto-features=enabled flag.

* ocaml-dune: new cygclass for Dune-based OCaml packages.

* perl: new CPAN_SUBDIR optional variable is accepted.

* python3: new PYTHON3_PKGVERSION definition.

* python-wheel: default PYTHON_WHEEL_VERSIONS is now just 3.7 and 3.8.

For contributors, there have been numerous testsuite improvements, and
the testsuite is now run in CI, courtesy of Jon Turney.  A full
changelog follows.

Achim Gratz (1):
      Switch submodule gnuconfig to HTTPS protocol

Jon Turney (17):
      Document src_unpack_hook and src_patch_hook
      Add src_patch_apply_hook
      Don't allow SRC_URI or PATCH_URI to depend on ARCH
      Raise an error if we package a .stackdump file
      meson: use auto-features option
      Fixup __version_at_least a bit
      Add test which compares hints with expected
      Add provides: and conflicts: hints
      Generate a separate .hint for the source package
      Update tests for build-depends: appearing in source hints
      Updates to tests for package updates
      Add a GitHub action to run tests
      Add some case variants to list of default documentation files installed
      Restore build-depends: trailing space in expected hints, dropped by rebase
      Disable autotools/gtkmm test in CI
      Update upload package check for source hints
      Allow manpage section .3G, used by OpenGL manpages

Yaakov Selkowitz (24):
      check_funcs, pkg_pkg: Replace DEPEND with BUILD_REQUIRES
      Transfer repository to Cygwin project
      Add Cygwin git repositories
      kde.org: update URLs for 19.12 release
      pkg_pkg: inform when packaging as test
      python3-distutils: force hardcoding of python3.y instead of python3
      perl: add CPAN_SUBDIR
      python3: add PYTHON3_PKGVERSION
      Revert "python3-distutils: force hardcoding of python3.y instead of python3"
      python3: force hardcoding of python3.y instead of python3
      python-wheel: update for 3.8 and obsoletion of 2.7
      pkg_diff: ignore aminclude_static.am
      pkg_pkg: add cygport to all source package build-depends
      list_deps: use ocamlobjinfo for better OCaml dependency detection
      ocaml-dune: new cygclass
      testsuite: update python/wheel for Python 3.8
      Update gnuconfig
      Update copyrights to 2020
      Update and credit AUTHORS
      CI: update dependencies for python/wheel test
      CI: re-enable autotools/gtkmm test
      testsuite: fix dependencies of python/wheel
      CI: enable ocaml/dune test
      Bump version to 0.34.0


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