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Brian Inglis
Fri May 8 03:03:01 GMT 2020

On 2020-05-07 16:12, Brian D wrote:
> On Thu, 7 May 2020 15:52:06 -0600, Brian Inglis wrote:
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>> As that env var is interpreted by the main Cygwin process cygwin1.dll, which has
>> to be unloaded and reloaded, I'd set CYGWIN=disable_pcon in the System
>> environment, then shut down all Cygwin processes, as you would before running
>> setup, log off, and log on.

> Given that Eric's suggestion to downgrade the cygwin.dll version to 3.07 
> worked, is it still worth trying this ?> I will if it might give someone an idea of what would need to be fixed on a
> future version.
It might avoid problems the next time setup updates the cygwin package and dll.

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