incorrect text mode graphic character display

André Bleau
Thu May 7 20:19:29 GMT 2020

Brian wrote:

> Assuming Julia is a not Cygwin program,
> you can try "CYGWIN=disable_pcon" before any Cygwin process

Did not help.

Thanks for that though, I had no idea those kind of env variables were available.


Hi Brian,

Character display problems do not depend only on the program you run, in your case, "Julia", whatever that is, but also in 
which terminal or console you run it, as it is the terminal that does the actual character display. If you run in in mintty for 
example, you could try:

CYGWIN=disable_pcon /usr/bin/mintty

and run Julia in the just opened mintty. I just happened to have a similar issue. If interested, look at:


- André Bleau

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