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Brian Inglis
Wed May 6 19:33:54 GMT 2020

On 2020-05-06 12:14, Morten Kjærulff via Cygwin wrote:
> As I understand, you can get sshfs to work with cygwin, but you have
> to install some non-cygwin tools also.
> Can I get sshfs or something like that with only cygwin tools?

Not unless Windows provides a user file system interface that Cygwin can access.

The code for that:

was developed in consultation with Cygwin maintainers, and the Cygwin components
are provided as Cygwin packages within the repo.

The FUSE interface is provided for Windows by the File System Proxy package:

and the Cygwin packages are provided in the primary Download winfsp.msi Windows
installer package:

where SSH FS ports prepackaged for 64 and 32 bit programs and a 32 bit port of
NFS are also available.

Extra steps are required to install the Cygwin packages under each Cygwin 32/64
bit installation:

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