help compilation qemu

Maarten Hoes
Sat May 2 20:24:03 GMT 2020


I have no personal experience with this, but when I take a look at the QEMU
wiki, it seems that :

Builds with cygwin are not really supported.

A supported way of building QEMU on Windows is with MSYS2

Hope this helps.

- Maarten

On Sat, May 2, 2020 at 9:31 PM Juan carlos Rebate via Cygwin <> wrote:

> Hello, it is the first time that I write here, sorry for the possible
> malfunctions of the mailing list.I am interested in compiling qemu with
> cygwin and the documentation is scarce, it only indicates that the
> environment is complete but it does not indicate all the necessary
> components,The components that they mention are not available in cygwin,
> for example Mingw64-686-pkconfig is not included in the repositories, could
> someone give me a complete manual? Thank you very much in advance
> --
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