WSL symbolic links

Andrey Repin
Sun Mar 29 11:52:11 GMT 2020

Greetings, Brian Inglis!

> On 2020-03-28 05:59, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> Greetings, Brian Inglis!
>>>> Thanks!  This should already be fixed in the latest developer snapshot
>>>> after I was finally able to install WSL myself.  See my reply to Thomas
>>>> in
>>>> All the effects are a result of not opening the reparse point as reparse
>>>> point, as weird as it sounds at first :)
>>> Would you consider that test program a reasonable base for something I have
>>> wished for a while: a program that would classify a file name as a (regular)
>>> hard link, a Windows directory or file link, a junction, a Windows shortcut, a
>>> Cygwin symlink, a Unix/WSL symlink, a URL link, and/or tell me where it links to
>>> etc. Thinking of hacking that plus maybe bits of file, cygpath, readshortcut,
>>> readlink, lsattr together to display otherwise awkward to access attributes and
>>> properties.
>> I'd like to see it as part of "file -h" functionality.

> Both file and grep are getting worse at distinguishing UTF-8 from binary data,
> so I don't want to get into fiddling with that recognizer/interpreter, given
> that it can not get or use that information as is, just enough of file to decide
> on or verify a file type;

I did mean that. Something like "Windows symbolic link - file" or "Windows
symbolic link - unknown type" would be enough to start the investigation into
the right direction.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Sunday, March 29, 2020 14:50:51

Sorry for my terrible english...

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