Use cygwin to run autotools for MSVC?

Peter Dons Tychsen
Fri Mar 27 12:48:24 GMT 2020

Hi Mike,

> Is it possible use Cygwin to run an autotools 'configure' script but
> have the compiler be MSVC?

Yeah, sure, i have done this in the past.

"./configure CC=cl.exe" should get you going as far as i remember. Make
sure your MS tools are in your PATH.

There are limitations though, as some of library search mechanisms in
autoconf will not work as expected, so do not expect larger projects to
work without having to hack a bit in those nasty M4 macro files

But for simple projects it does actually work, which is what i used it
for. I have not tried it recently, but i guess it still is supported.



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