Sv: Named pipes and multiple writers

Ken Brown
Thu Mar 26 14:06:16 GMT 2020

[Let's keep the discussion on the list in case others have suggestions.]

On 3/25/2020 9:41 AM, wrote:
> [snip]
>>> As far as I can see, reading through history, this have been a known
>>> issue for quite some time, but it seems like there have been some
>>> attempts to solve it, e.g. in the branch topic/fifo (by Ken Brown)
> [snip]
>>> Does anyone have any knowledge about if this (topic/fifo branch) is
>>> working and/or if it is somehow planned to make it into the master
>>> branch and end up in a future release ?
>> That branch is obsolete.  Support for multiple writers was added to Cygwin
> as of release 3.1.0.
> Ok, thanks, but we're running 3.1.4 (and tested 3.1.5) but do still have
> problems (experiencing ENXIO (No such device or address)) but actually (as
> far as we see) with the 3:rd writer ?
> We need to investigate the issue more thoroughly and might get back when we
> have more knowledge

Does the ENXIO come from fhandler_fifo::wait?  If so, it's quite possible that 
there's a bug involving read_ready in my code.


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