Problems with cursor position and hotkey commands in nano v.4.3

Fergus Daly
Thu Mar 26 12:38:32 GMT 2020

>> Anybody else having problems with cursor position and hotkey commands in nano v.4.3?

Further to above, and a bit different:
I downloaded the current nano-4.9.tgz from source, extracted the source files and  within Cygwin ran the
./configure .. .. make .. .. make install trio.
Perfect glich-free installation showing the new nano executable and support files located in /usr/local/bin/ and /usr/local/share/.
(NB the Cygwin-provided nano v.4.3 installation remains in place.)
The command
$ echo $PATH
(so /usr/local/bin/ precedes /usr/bin/ as required)
and the command
# which nano
(as expected)
BUT: the command
$ nano --version
GNU nano, version 4.3
which is not what is required, referring to the original and not the later installation; and the command
$ nano anynamedtextfile
reveals on screen that nano v.4.3 not v.4.9 is being used.
Q1 Am I doing / thinking / remembering something daft about command hierarchies, or should the expected v.4.9 be the one obtained (which it isn't)?
Q2 Should I _necessarily_ uninstall the original v.4.3 - and if so, why, given the expected priority usages?
Thank you!

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