pseudo console and auto-wrap

Bill Stewart
Fri Mar 6 20:41:00 GMT 2020

On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 8:52 AM Takashi Yano wrote:

> Thomas Wolff wrote:
> > With ConPTY support, the following command results in output that
> > contains an explicit newline at the auto-wrap position:
> > cmd /c echo a line which is wider than your terminal ...
> >
> > For copy/paste, this is surprising and undesired
> > (
> > Can the line wrapping case be handled specifically, assuming proper
> > auto-wrap mode on the terminal side, to avoid this?
> This is internal behaviour of pseudo console.
> So we can not touch it. WSL also behaves the same.

Observations when I ssh to a Windows 10 1909 machine running cygwin
3.1.4/OpenSSH 8.2...

I ran ssh-host-config and tested both with disable_pcon set in CYGWIN
environment variable and without. (This sets REG_SZ value

With disable_pcon set:

echo "$PATH"     -- wraps correctly
cmd /c echo %PATH%     -- wraps correctly
winpty cmd /c echo %PATH%     -- wrapping broken

Without disable_pcon set:

echo "$PATH"     -- wraps correctly
cmd /c echo %PATH%  -- wrapping broken
winpty cmd /c echo %PATH%     -- wrapping broken

I would note that in both cases, winpty output is not correct.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?



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