Cygwin libtool confused about link library

Sun Mar 1 13:02:00 GMT 2020

On 3/1/20 11:00 AM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
>> Last file checked: /lib/libpthread.a
>> Is that correct? Do you have the complete command line? Is this
>> happening on both archs or just i686?
> both archs.
> The error is likely coming from libtool and it is valid for all the 3
> libraries "-lpthread -lrt -ldl" , so I assume the current binutils is
> providing some feedback different than in the past to libtool
> I tested again the build of gdal-3.0.2-2 that before the
> update of gcc and binutils was working fine.
> I shorted the command line as the amount of object is very very large:
> /bin/sh
> /cygdrive/d/cyg_pub/devel/gdal/prova302/gdal-3.0.2-2.x86_64/build/libtool --mode=link
> --silent g++   -lcrypto -ljson-c -lqhull -L/usr/lib -lgeos_c -lwebp 
> -lsqlite3 -lodbc32 -lodbccp32 -lexpat -lopenjp2  -L/usr/lib -lnetcdf
> -lhdf5 -lgif -ljpeg -lgeotiff -ltiff -lpng -lcfitsio -lpq -lproj -lz
> -lpthread -lrt -ldl  -lws2_32 -lpsapi -lpcre -lcurl -liconv -L/usr/lib
> -lxml2 -lz -llzma -liconv -lm -o ./ogr/gml2ogrgeometry.lo
> ./ogr/ogr2gmlgeometr
> y.lo ./ogr/ogr_api.lo ......
> /cygdrive/d/cyg_pub/devel/gdal/prova302/gdal-3.0.2-2.x86_64/build/third_party/o/RLE.lo
> \
>     -rpath /usr/lib \
>     -no-undefined \
>     -version-info 26:2:0

I was a bit confused for a moment, but this looks like the cygwin
builds, not cross compiles.

My current (horrible hack)workaround is to edit the libtool script, change:

Hello libtool folks,
Any ideas about this? Something confused the file magic command?
dlltool --identify does show libdl.a is associated with cygwin1.dll for

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