[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: binutils-2.34+1git.de9c1b7cfe-1 (x86/x86_64)

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 05:25:02 GMT 2020

Am 19.03.2020 um 01:25 schrieb Steven Penny via Cygwin:
>> The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:
>> * binutils-2.34+1git.de9c1b7cfe
>> This release should fix libtool shared library builds on 32bit Cygwin.
> Below are the current "non Base" dependencies (and transitive dependencies) of
> current "python3". As can be seen, "binutils" is now larger than all the other
> dependencies combined.
> Can we please, please address whatever exploded "binutils" size? 

It seems something is adding 5M or more to the normal
size of the programs

$ du -sh *.exe
5.2M    addr2line.exe
5.2M    ar.exe
5.8M    as.exe
5.2M    c++filt.exe
5.2M    coffdump.exe
5.2M    dlltool.exe
48K     dllwrap.exe
40K     elfedit.exe
5.2M    gprof.exe
8.9M    ld.bfd.exe
5.2M    nm.exe
5.3M    objcopy.exe
18M     objdump.exe
5.2M    ranlib.exe
740K    readelf.exe
5.2M    size.exe
5.2M    srconv.exe
5.2M    strings.exe
5.3M    strip.exe
5.2M    sysdump.exe
5.2M    windmc.exe
5.3M    windres.exe

and I will bet it is the same that pushed debian to have some shared lib


to avoid data duplication between the binaries

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