cygwin-3.1.0 and mintty from desktop shortcut

Achim Gratz
Thu Mar 12 19:46:01 GMT 2020

Takashi Yano via Cygwin writes:
> Achim, can you build mintty locally? If so, could you please
> apply attahed patch to mintty 3.1.4 and report the output
> in mintty window?

I guess I can, but it will take time I don't have right now.  I'll see
what I can wedge in next week.

What I did figure out today is this:

The last working snapshot is the 2019-08-19 one, the next one
(2019-11-03) starts to fail already.  Unfortunately, between these two
snapshots most of the changes were put in.

Same as with your mintty
request I'll try to bisect the actual com,mit responsible, but I first
need to set up a build environment on another machione (SSD on my work
laptop is too full).  Again, unlikely to happen this or next week.

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