cygwin-3.1.0 and mintty from desktop shortcut

Achim Gratz
Thu Mar 12 19:39:39 GMT 2020

Rainer Emrich writes:
> I really don't know if this the same issue. But I had similiar symptom
> after upgrade from 3.0.7 to 3.1.4 on Windows 7. The mintty window pops
> up, but I got no command prompt. The bash shell used all of one CPU for
> ever. I tried several things. The solution after hours was uninstalling
> the gettext package. That's reproducable. After installing the gettext
> package I get the hang. After uninstalling all's back to normal. That's
> strange.

I don't really want to imagine how you came up with that observation,
but yes, that's the same problem I am facing.  This is my current
workaround now:

1. Rename /usr/share/locale to something else, like local.bak.
2. Start mintty in the usual way.
3. Rename the directory from step 1 back to /usr/share/local.
4. Work just like the problem never existed either in the shell running
inside the mintty or even start a new mintty.

Andrew, can we have a Goldstar for Rainer, please?

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