Mailing list issues

Chris Wagner
Mon Mar 9 17:31:54 GMT 2020

Hi folks, I'm having some issues with getting mail from this list.

The first one is that I'm getting a decent number of messages diverted 
into spam holding over protocol violations.  For example this one has 
two reply-to headers.

Authentication-Results:; auth=none
 From: Brian Inglis <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [New] cpuid 20200211
Reply-To: Cygwin Announcements <>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 22:56:31 -0700
X-Spampanel-Evidence: Bad header count.

The second issue is causing some of the list mail to not be filtered.  I 
started getting messages like this a couple days ago.  The list-id 
header is this

List-Id: Cygwin mailing list <>

instead of

List-Id: <>

like 99% of the mail.  Is this an error or the new normal?


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