Python Packages

Marco Atzeri
Thu Jul 30 16:59:16 GMT 2020

On 30.07.2020 09:25, Allen Hewes via Cygwin wrote:
>>> I have a few Python packages built (and very minor change) for Python 3.8,
>> but before I follow the directions for package contributions, I have a few
>> questions:

> I think there's a few which have C interfaces. I didn't check nor am I familiar enough with Cygwin, are no-arch dirs being used for libs? I am pretty sure DLLs were built. 
> Can someone have multi-lib/multi-arch Pythons installed in Cygwin? I've only ever used a single arch myself.

if there are dlls than you need to build 32 and 64 version

otherwise if they just contains *py and *pyc they are noarch

$ cygport python-cffi.cygport list | grep dll


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