Meld 3.18.0-1 does not start

Ken Brown
Mon Jul 27 16:57:11 GMT 2020

On 7/27/2020 9:50 AM, Rabbe Fogelholm wrote:
> I am having problems with meld 3.18.0-1. On startup I get
> "fatal: external diff died, stopping at <filename>", where <filename> is a
> file to be inspected. My workaround is to downgrade to 3.16.4-1, which
> works.
> I am running cygwin on Windows 10. My cygwin installation is recently
> updated, except I am using version 3.0.7-1 of the cygwin DLL.

That's your problem.  meld is a python3 script.  python3 won't work with 


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