Cygwin PHP (all available versions) has a hard 4MB memory limit
Tue Jul 21 20:58:34 GMT 2020

Hey Ken,

Thanks so much for looking into this further. I thought it was the malloc patch too, in fact I can compile a PHP out of the box without any of the patches Cygwin applies and it appears at a cursory glance to run fine and so I'm kinda unsure as to why there are so many patches for Cygwin.

> I'll follow up on the cygwin-apps list to see if we can get a rebuilt php into the distro.
Excellent thanks! Bear in mind this affects both versions that Cygwin offers and so it'd need both packages rebuilt and new versions pushed.

Many Thanks,


(P.S. Now I know how to use this mailing list I can start a new thread asking why PHP is compiled with libedit instead of readline and why it ignores `~/.editrc` haha.)

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