Setup reports "" no longer supported

Matt Seitz
Sun Jul 19 04:42:33 GMT 2020

> From: Cygwin <> On Behalf Of Brian Inglis
> On 2020-07-18 19:09, Matt Seitz wrote:
> > When I ran Setup today to get the latest Cygwin, Setup reported an error:
> >
> > Warning: One or more mirrors you have selected is/are not on the list of
> official Cygwin mirrors any more. It/They may  be out of date or missing some
> packages.
> For more info check:
> the status counts agree with the server statuses in the tables below.
> Most issues are transient or fairly short term; if the mirror status changes to o
> out-of-date, you may want to reach out to the mirror host support and report
> an issue; if it is a weekend, there may be no support available.

Thanks for your help!  I just checked the page, and didn't see any errors reported for "".  I downloaded and ran Setup again and still saw the same error.

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