Is there a one-liner to start a xterm window (and close XWin at the end of the session)?

Fergus Daly
Fri Jul 17 12:48:55 GMT 2020

At the moment I initiate a xterm session with a 4-line cmd script at the Cygwin root directory as follows:
@bin\run bin\XWin -clipboard -nolock -multiwindow 2> nul
@timeout 4 > nul 2> nul
@bin\xterm -display :0.0 2> nul
@bin\kill -KILL -- -1
Not wishing to mend what isn't broken, can anybody recommend a slicker opener (and closer)?
(All the lines, and all their components, seem to be essential.
Line 1 is a necessary precursor. Line 2 induces an apparently essential pause.
Line 3 opens the xterm session, which can then be progressed to its conclusion.
At which: resumption of the cmd script at line 4 kills the now redundant XWin session.
Thus guaranteeing a neat finish with no straggling processes.)
Thank you for any easement! A one-liner would be perfect.

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