po4a: Can't locate Locale/Po4a/Chooser.pm in @INC

ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Jul 15 05:11:01 GMT 2020

Erwin Waterlander writes:
> Hi,
> After updating my cygwin installation I get suddenly this error with
> po4a (version 0.52).
> It looks like the Chooser module is lacking.

The po4a package apparently is a clandestine Perl distribution (not on
CPAN) and was not updated for Perl 5.30.  It's on version 0.59.1 anyway
by now.

> How can I solve this?

The modules themselves are probably still working with the newer Perl if
you move them from 5.26 to 5.30.

> Switching back to po4a 0.48 or 0.46 doesn't help.

Of course not, these would need an even older Perl.

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