need to fix permissions
Wed Jul 15 00:33:48 GMT 2020


Windows question, but since it has to do with the way cygwin has assigned permissions, i thought it would be a relevant questions.  i'm in the very unfortunate position of having a PC that won't boot properly.

by some miracle i've got access to the C: drive and i'm trying to back up my files to a flash drive.


the cygwin home folder is giving me a LOT of trouble with access denied.

i've tried takeown and icacls to fix permissions, and strangely it worked for _Some_ files, but i still have files which i need to back up which are causing "access denied" errors.

i'm hoping someone who understands how cygwin has set permissions can give me a way to fix-up the permissions in ntfs land.

any help greatly appreciated.

thank you.


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