[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: woff2-1.0.2p4-2, libwoff2_1-1.0.2p4-2, libwoff2-devel-1.0.2p4-2

Lemures Lemniscati via Cygwin-announce cygwin-announce@cygwin.com
Mon Jul 13 15:27:07 GMT 2020

# Repackaged and reuploaded again,
# because of invalid hints in woff2-1.0.2p4-1-src.hint .

Version 1.0.2p4-2 of "woff2" has been uploaded:

- woff2-1.0.2p4-2.tar.xz
- libwoff2_1-1.0.2p4-2.tar.xz
- libwoff2-devel-1.0.2p4-2.tar.xz

The upstream sources are maintained at https://github.com/google/woff2 .
And, this release is based on the latest master branch a0d0ed7, or
4 commits after v1.0.2.

woff2 and libwoff2_1 contain tools and libraries
for compressing TTF to WOFF2 and decompressing WOFF2 to TTF.

  WOFF File Format 2.0 (WOFF2) is a W3C Recommendation (01 March 2018).
  For details, see https://www.w3.org/TR/WOFF2/ .

Please, test this release, and report any issues. 

Lemures Lemniscati

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