Is there a way to clone-install Cygwin?

Ulli Horlacher
Fri Jan 31 14:13:00 GMT 2020

On Fri 2020-01-31 (08:06), KARL BOTTS wrote:
> >>> Cygwin is totally portable! You can simply copy the installation folder to
> >>> another PC, copy the shortcut (edit target if needed) and it will work.
> >> How do you copy it?
> >> Which archive container do you use?
> I have been using this approach for years.
> To a new naked Windows box, if you can "mount" it over the network

No, I cannot do that. My destination Windows hosts are behind firewalls.
They cannot mount anything. I have to transfer a container file.

> Be sure to use 64-bit cygwin.  The 32-bit used to work, but now and then
> I would have to fuss with "rebase".  I have never had that problem with
> the 64-bit.  

I have only 64 bit systems. Alls 32 bit systems are gone.

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