Is there a way to clone-install Cygwin?

Ulli Horlacher
Fri Jan 31 10:25:00 GMT 2020

On Mon 2020-01-20 (19:28), Brent Epp wrote:

> Cygwin is totally portable! You can simply copy the installation folder to 
> another PC, copy the shortcut (edit target if needed) and it will work. 

How do you copy it?
Which archive container do you use?

I have tried it with:

/: cat zip.bat
cd C:\
\7z\7za a -tzip -xr!cygwin64/home/* -xr!cygwin64/var/log/* tmp\ cygwin64

But in resulting the directories /cygdrive /proc /usr/bin and /usr/lib are
missing, because they are mount points.

Next problem is: the file permissions will not be restored.

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