Strange behavior of Python Package Index

airplanemath via cygwin
Thu Jan 30 02:52:00 GMT 2020

> I have selected python38-tkinter package for the Cygwin setup.

> Tkinter is available when I start python3.8, but when I try to check list of
> packages installed with pip3.8, 
> tkinter is not listed.

> It seems that all packages selected from Cygwin setup are missing.
> Only packages installed with command pip3.8 install are listed.


are all built from the CPython source.  None of the corresponding files
would be recognized by pip on any platform, as they are part of base
python, rather than third-party extensions.  |pip3.8 list| will also not
recognize python38 as being installed, no matter what setup.exe tells
you, for much the same reason.

All other python??-* packages ([1]) were installed using pip, so |pip list|
will find them just fine.

Short version: Cygwin package != PyPI package, and pip only cares about
the latter

[1] except the python??-*-debuginfo packages

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