headache on build repeatibility: octave vs BLODA ?

Hans-Bernhard Bröker HBBroeker@t-online.de
Wed Jan 29 00:39:00 GMT 2020

Am 29.01.2020 um 01:02 schrieb Hans-Bernhard Bröker:

> So re-run it in gdb, via libtool (run-octave -g ...).  Still crashes, 
> but I didn't manage to get around the SIGSEGV handler in octave.  It 
> always caught the SEGV before gdb managed to get there.
> So my finding, so far, would be that this is related to libtool.  Maybe 
> some update to Windows broke the way libtool interacts with 
> not-quite-finished executables...

This is getting curiouser.

I was intrigued that the stackdump file written was not from 'octave' 
per se, but rather 'octave-cli'.  And indeed some further experiments 
shows that

../../inst/usr/bin/octave-cli-5.1.0.exe --norc --silent --no-history -p 
mex ../../src/octave-5.1.0/test/fntests.m ../../src/octave-5.1.0/test

fails, while

../../inst/usr/bin/octave-5.1.0.exe --norc --silent --no-history -p mex 
../../src/octave-5.1.0/test/fntests.m ../../src/octave-5.1.0/test

passes.  I don't see how 'run-octave' would end up running octave-cli, 
though, unless it had been given the option '-cli'.

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