anyone interested in loading a portable drive?

Brian Inglis
Mon Jan 27 14:18:00 GMT 2020

On 2020-01-26 23:45, john doe wrote:
> On 1/27/2020 7:38 AM, Brian Inglis wrote:
>> On 2020-01-26 21:33, aimedtech wrote:
>>> Okay, this is a complaint.  I've spent the past few days trying to download
>>> the Cygwin system and gotten nowhere. I've tried several download
>>> environments, using different protocols, nothing works.
>>> And this is beyond being a pain, this is getting to be a real problem for
>>> me. No, that's not right -- it is a problem for me, NOW.
>>> I remember, I downloaded, installed it and used it, this was about a decade
>>> ago. Then, the area for naming the machine download sites would fill in
>>> automatically; Today, no. I chose a couple and tried them, one at a time.
>>> Neither worked
>>> I'm not sure if this message is to just tell you that your install is very
>>> broken and goodbye or if I'm asking for help.
>>> I am willing to send someone a USB 1TB drive and pay $50 bucks to load it
>>> and send it back. If that's what I do I want everything. The works.
>> This is an all-volunteer project and mirrors are donated by the server owners.
>> Weekends are busy times for backups and security upgrades on publicly accessible
>> free servers, and if there are problems, support may not be available until the
>> next work day, after serious production issues are dealt with.
>> Similarly for answers and support from here.
>> The world has changed and Cygwin has become larger in the last decade (148GB
>> according to the Mirrors page).
>> You *MUST* download the latest x86/_64 installer from the home page
>> setup-x86/_64.exe links to get the latest active mirrors and use the current key:
>> Selection from the latest active mirrors to use is easiest by browsing the
>> linked Mirror Sites page:
>> and you should see if you can recognize nearby sites which are likely to have
>> big servers and fast pipes.
>> You may find your closest site(s) overloaded, slow, and connectivity
>> intermittent, depending on the site ownership, day of week, time of day, network
>> path to you, other users on the site and on your local ISP feeds.
>> Avoid evenings and weekends, when many others nearby are downloading the newest
>> Amazon Prime, Apple+. Disney+, Netflix, etc. series to binge watch, and your ISP
>> is also throttling retail customers, to free up bandwidth for their business
>> customers doing offsite streaming backups.
>> Searching for an unofficial mirror at a nearby local university or (Unix) User
>> Group publicly available on the internet may give you better results.
>> Sometimes the closest mirrors may not be the fastest or most reliable, and ftp
>> sites nowadays are slower, less available and reliable than http/https sites, as
>> web sites get the big bucks, servers, memory, and pipes, but ftp sites may be
>> kept around only as long as nothing goes wrong with their old server.
>> Ping, traceroute, simple adhoc bandwidth and throughput tests will give you an
>> idea of the best performance, and experience will tell you about reliability.
>> Start by downloading only the base packges or upgrading what you have installed,
>> and be patient during postinstall steps, as rebasing all the DLLs, and
>> rebuilding updated pages in the man DB, can take a while with large upgrades or
>> outdated installs.
> If you are planning to install Cygwin on many hosts, using apt-cacher-ng
> or alike might be of interest to you.

That package is a proxy which is limited, and problematic in many environments
where it might be of use.
Cygwin packages are available for httpd and nginx proxies.

As cygwin setup-x86{,_64} already maintains a cache under

	*-l*, *--local-package-dir* /DIR/ Local package directory

syncing updates to that around would suffice.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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too much technical detail. Reader discretion is advised.

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