headache on build repeatibility: octave vs BLODA ?

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 06:54:00 GMT 2020

Am 25.01.2020 um 19:15 schrieb Brian Inglis:
> On 2020-01-25 09:55, Marco Atzeri wrote:

>> Now I am seriously thinking about BLODA, but I have not
>> noted any difference from the two AVs I was using
>> Antivir and MS Defender, so I am wandering if last
>> update for W10 Home x64 is the culprit.
> Also what W10 feature release YYMM and/or build NNNNN are you on?

Betriebssystemname:                            Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Betriebssystemversion:                         10.0.18363 Nicht 
zutreffend Build

>> Can anyone try to rebuild the Octave package and let me know
>> if the segfault during test is present or not in your system ?
>> Be aware that build time is very long (~ 4 hours) and requires
>> a ton of mathematical libraries.
>> Any suggestion will be appreciated
> Should this discussion perhaps be handled on cygwin-apps?
> We don't always want to advertise just how messy the Cygwin package making
> sausage factory can be. ;^>

Sausage and Beer are a serious matter here in Munich;
and both production must be clean and transparent ;-)

> I believe the following Cygwin tools and libraries packages, pulled from the
> package doc build dependencies, and found and filtered using apt-cyg listall, to
> be sufficient, but may not all be necessary, and should be added to
> octave.cygport, where it can be used as a build dependency install package list
> for apt-cyg or setup:
> DEPEND="autoconf automake bison flex gcc-core gcc-fortran gcc-g++ gperf gnuplot
> libtool make texinfo libopenblas liblapack-devel libpcre-devel libarpack-devel
> libparpack-devel libcurl-devel libfftw3-devel libfltk-devel libfontconfig-devel
> libfreetype-devel libglpk-devel libgl2ps-devel libGraphicsMagick-devel
> libhdf5-devel libllvm-devel libportaudio-devel libQtOpenGL4-devel libqhull-devel
> libqrupdate-devel libqscintilla2-devel libqscintilla2_qt4-devel
> libqscintilla2_qt5-devel libqt3-devel libsuitesparseconfig-devel
> libsundials-devel zlib-devel"
> Are there any changes you would make, especially for arpack, OpenGL, qt, scintilla?

As I mentioned it needs a ton of libraries but I built with QT5

  $ grep "libraries:" config.log
   Fortran libraries:              -L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-cygwin/7.4.0 
-L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-cygwin/7.4.0/../../../../lib -L/lib/../lib 
-L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-cygwin/7.4.0/../../.. -lm -lsuitesparseconfig 
-lgfortran -lquadmath -lcygwin -ladvapi32 -lshell32 -luser32
   Lex libraries:
   AMD libraries:                 -lamd -lsuitesparseconfig
   ARPACK libraries:              -larpack
   BLAS libraries:                -lblas
   BZ2 libraries:                 -lbz2
   CAMD libraries:                -lcamd -lsuitesparseconfig
   CARBON libraries:
   CCOLAMD libraries:             -lccolamd -lsuitesparseconfig
   CHOLMOD libraries:             -lcholmod -lsuitesparseconfig
   COLAMD libraries:              -lcolamd -lsuitesparseconfig
   CURL libraries:                -lcurl
   CXSPARSE libraries:            -lcxsparse -lsuitesparseconfig
   DL libraries:
   FFTW3 libraries:               -lfftw3_threads -lfftw3
   FFTW3F libraries:              -lfftw3f_threads -lfftw3f
   FLTK libraries:                -lfltk_gl -lfltk
   fontconfig libraries:          -lfontconfig -lfreetype
   FreeType2 libraries:           -lfreetype
   GLPK libraries:                -lglpk
   HDF5 libraries:                -lhdf5
   Java libraries:
   KLU libraries:                 -lklu -lsuitesparseconfig
   LAPACK libraries:              -llapack
   LLVM libraries:
   Magick++ libraries:            -lGraphicsMagick++ -lGraphicsMagick
   OpenGL libraries:              -lGL -lGLU
   PCRE libraries:                -lpcre
   PortAudio libraries:           -lportaudio -lwinmm -lm
   PTHREAD libraries:
   QHULL libraries:               -lqhull
   QRUPDATE libraries:            -lqrupdate
   Qt GUI libraries:              -lQt5Network -lQt5PrintSupport 
-lQt5Help -lQt5Widgets -lQt5Gui -lQt5Sql -lQt5Xml -lQt5Core 
   Qt OpenGL libraries:           -lQt5OpenGL -lQt5Widgets -lQt5Gui 
   READLINE libraries:            -lreadline
   Sndfile libraries:             -lsndfile
   SuiteSparse config libraries:  -lsuitesparseconfig
   SUNDIALS IDA libraries:        -lsundials_ida
   SUNDIALS NVECTOR libraries:    -lsundials_nvecserial
   TERM libraries:                -lncurses
   UMFPACK libraries:             -lumfpack -lamd -lsuitesparseconfig
   X11 libraries:                 -lX11
   Z libraries:                   -lz


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