anyone interested in loading a portable drive?

Mon Jan 27 04:33:00 GMT 2020

Okay, this is a complaint.  I've spent the past few days trying to download the Cygwin system and gotten nowhere.  I've tried several download
environments, using different protocols, nothing works.

And this is beyond being a pain, this is getting to be a real problem for me.  No, that's not right -- it is a problem for me, NOW.

I remember, I downloaded, installed it and used it, this was about a decade ago.  Then, the area for naming the machine download sites would fill in automatically;  Today, no.  I chose a couple and tried them, one at a time.  Neither worked

I'm not sure if this message is to just tell you that your install is very broken and goodbye or if I'm asking for help.

I am willing to send someone a USB 1TB drive and pay $50 bucks to load it and send it back.  If that's what I do I want everything.  The works.

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On Friday, January 24, 2020 9:26 AM, Andrew Schulman via cygwin <> wrote:

> lftp 4.9.1-1 is now available in Cygwin. This upstream release fixes (we
> think) the segfault on non-IPv6-enabled hosts in version 4.9.0-1. See
> for the upstream changelog.
> lftp is a sophisticated file transfer program and ftp/http/bittorrent
> client. It supports multiple network protocols. It offers tab completion,
> command history, job control, and bookmarks. It can mirror sites and
> transfer multiple files in parallel. It keeps trying interrupted operations
> until it can complete them.
> Andrew E. Schulman
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