Error running ssh windows binary in cygwin

Marco Atzeri
Thu Jan 23 05:09:00 GMT 2020

Am 22.01.2020 um 23:30 schrieb ravi r:
> Downloading windows git binary from
>                            Git-2.25.0-64-bit.exe
> and running the contained
>         Git/usr/bin/ssh.exe
> in a cygwin terminal gives this error
>        0 [main] ssh (20916) C:\cygwin64\usr\local\git\usr\bin\ssh.exe: *** fatal
>        error - cygheap base mismatch detected - 0x18033F408/0x180317408.
>        This problem is probably due to using incompatible versions of
> the cygwin DLL.
>        Search for cygwin1.dll using the Windows Start->Find/Search facility
>        and delete all but the most recent version.  The most recent
> version *should*
>        reside in x:\cygwin\bin, where 'x' is the drive on which you have
>        installed the cygwin distribution.  Rebooting is also suggested if you
>        are unable to find another cygwin DLL.
> Following directions mentioned in above error message, when I search for
>       cygwin1.dll
> I find two matches
>      c:\cygwin64\bin
>      and
>      c:\cygwin64\usr\i686-pc-cygwin\sys-root\usr\bin

the first is a 64 bit and the second a 32bit used for cross compilation.
Have you installed every package available ? Why ?

> Went ahead and deleted
>      c:\cygwin64\usr\i686-pc-cygwin\sys-root\usr\bin\cygwin1.dll
> opened a new cygwin terminal and the error from ssh.exe would not go away.
> I know there is a version of git available through cygwin install as
> well which does not
> have these errors. The git.exe which got installed from windows binary
> does not have
> any error in starting up. It is the ssh.exe which comes along with it
> which has the problem.

Have you tried the ssh coming with Cygwin ?

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