Update to "Reporting Guidelines" on the cygwin site

David Finnie david.finnie68@gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 06:52:00 GMT 2020

> Please bottom posting and trim here.

(Above is copied from a recent post about a problem report.)

Being a fairly new member of this mailing list, I did carefully read the 
guidelines about using the mailing list, but there was no mention of no 
top posting etc. And yes, I did top post myself one time because it is 
my usual habit because it is standard in the business world (for better 
or worse) and some people even take offence if you address each point 
because they feel that you are picking apart their entire conversation 
and being confrontational. I know it is not meant that way here, but it 
becomes a habit to not do it, and to top post instead.

I've noticed that several active list members have had to mention this 
no-top-posting policy (and yes, I was on the receiving end also).

Can I suggest that whoever maintains the web page with the main 
discussion about mailing lists updates the instructions ? Then we can 
hopefully avoid some of the angst and constant need to remind people ?


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