Getting Python on Windows points USER_HOME

R Steiger
Tue Jan 21 05:47:00 GMT 2020

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the response.  As you seemed to hint, seems my Python installation was bent: I checked your dir listing against my Cygwin root directory (C:\cygwin64), and found that neither usr/bin nor usr/lib exist (usr/include/python3.8/pyconfig.h does exist).  I've made several attempts to do full reinstalls of python3.8, being careful to first scrape-off all previously-installed python files (including tools, other packages, and those in my Windows USER_HOME and on C:), and have yet to succeed in getting it to install in anything like the configuration you listed, and get a working Python.

Looking at C:\cygwin64\var\log\setup.log.full, there are a few thousand lines of the form "Installing file cygfile:///usr/bin/python3.8.exe" (preceded by about the same number of "unlink" + "rmdir" lines), but no indication of where the files are installed on disk.  The installer asks for no additional parameters, so it doesn't seem that I'm failing to provide some required bit of info.

I have the following Qs:

1. What might I be missing as part of the installation request?
2. Is there any way to make the "Installing ..." log lines a bit more verbose, specifically, to provide the installation target directories?  Or is there a standard mapping from the listed "cygfile:///..." path to the target directory?
3. Are there any errors that might be getting inserted into the log and not at the beginning or end, so would be hard to catch?  (I'm not seeing any.)

I've taken at least 4 runs at this wall, with zero successes.



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Am 21.01.2020 um 01:08 schrieb R Steiger:
> Having installed the latest Cygwin-built Python distro (3.8.1), it thinks user-site is C:\Users\<myName>\AppData\Roaming ...

How ?
the Python 3.8 available from Cygwin is under

     2019-09-15 19:58     2674707 usr/bin/libpython3.8.dll
     2019-09-15 19:58          78 usr/bin/pydoc3.8
     2019-09-15 19:58        9235 usr/bin/python3.8.exe
     2019-09-15 19:58       47261 usr/include/python3.8/pyconfig.h
     2019-09-15 19:59           0 usr/lib/python3.8/lib-dynload/
     2019-09-15 19:58       46099 


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