with LS_COLORS customized, ls's color scheme reverts when cd'ing to directories not under HOME

R Steiger rsteiger@ensemblesoft.net
Sun Jan 19 01:16:00 GMT 2020

The directory color assignments for dracula, flat-ui, and several other themes render 'ls -l' listings very hard to read (foreground and background are nearby blue-green shades for "d" entries).  FWIW, currently theme is "dracula", but am getting same results for flat-ui, etc.

I've tried various ways to customize colors, even saving LS_COLORS to a ~/.dir_colors" file, tweaking "DIR 01;31" -> DIR 01;35", and adding "eval `dircolors ~/.dir_colors`" on the last line of .bashrc.

Incanting 'ls -l' in ~ yields a perfectly readable listing.  However, as soon as I cd to some directory not under ~, the scheme reverts to the released one.  I've been unable to find any posts describing any such problem, and am wondering if cd might be invoking some subcutaneous hook that could be messing with LS_COLORS in some way (BTW, in any of the color-reverted directories, LS_COLORS shows the updated "di=01;35" binding, not the released one).

Thanks in advance for any advice/workarounds/fixes.


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