Request package updates for Poppler, Subversion and Git

Achim Gratz
Fri Jan 10 20:33:00 GMT 2020

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
>> Git isn't affected because it sets up @INC itself and doesn't have
>> architecture-specific modules.
> I'd therefore been assuming that I didn't need to worry about syncing
> a Git release with the Perl update; have I misunderstood what's going
> on here?

I haven't looked at the new Git version in detail, but it's probably the
still true, given that it loses some more dependencies on Perl with each
release rather than picking up new ones.  What I was getting at with
that remark is that the existing Git doesn't stop working when updating
Perl, not how a future version (which I haven't yet seen) behaves.  Also
as discussed before it would really be better if the packaging was done
without these nested Perl modules since it they can used as an interface
to Git which the Perl as installed doesn't know about since it isn't in
the usual search path.

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