Problem to develop Qt5 application in Samba share

Tue Jan 7 08:42:00 GMT 2020

For many years i develop C/C++ applications in Cygwin with source code located in Samba shares. The shares are available on Windows with "net use ..." command. In Cygwin they are available via /cygdrive. Now I have to write applications using Qt 5. But there is a problem:

First i go to the project directory (cd ...) and write the source files. After that i call "qmake -project" (PATH includes /lib/qt5/bin),
If the project (source codes) is located on the local drive or a drive connected via SATA/USB, all is ok and the file *.pro is generated. If the sources are located on a Samba share, there are error messages:

Could not find qmake configuration file cygwin-g++.
Cannot find feature default_pre.prf
Cannot find feature default_post.prf

The Samba server is a Linux host.
This problem is the same on Windows 7 / Windows 10 and Cygwin 2.5.2 / Cygwin 3.1.2.
The problem does not exist if i use a Windows Qt Creator IDE from

I couldn't find any hints on the internet, mailing lists, FAQ, ...

Can you help?

Many greetings

Raimund Paulus

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