A couple of setup issues

Ian Puleston ipuleston@SonicWall.com
Fri Jan 3 22:58:00 GMT 2020


While trying to install various versions, some from mirrors and some from the Cygwin Time Machine archives, I hit a couple of issues with the setup:

1. If you select a mirror and step on to the select packages page and choose pending with best or sync, you see a list of the packages to be updated. Assuming that there are some, click back to go back to the sites list, select a different mirror and then click next to return to select packages page. The pending packages list is now empty, showing no pending updates. Toggling between best and sync corrects that and causes the pending list to get properly re-populated.

2. On the "Choose a download site" page, if you enter a URL into the "User URL" field and click Add, the entry gets added into the sites list, selected and displayed, but if a previously used mirror site was already selected then that does not get deselected, so you now have both selected. And since the old one may be scrolled out of the view window, that may not be obvious. If you now click next it goes on to download from whichever is the first selected in the list, so if your custom URL was added in below the previously selected site, it will install from the latter, not from the one that you entered.

This can be seen in the live status in the next "downloading" page, but that can easily be missed if you are not looking for it. On my first attempt to install from the Cygwin Time Machine this made me think that their site was broken because I didn't get the versions installed that I was expecting.


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