fork: Resource temporarily unavailable errors after upgrading cygwin packages

Peter Dons Tychsen
Tue Feb 11 21:31:00 GMT 2020

Hi Takashi,

Thanks for your effort.

On Tue, 2020-02-11 at 22:16 +0900, Takashi Yano wrote:
> however, I found the real cause is that errno is accidentally set
> by kill() in pty system calls. That is, the problem is not in the
> kill() itself but in usage of it. Cygwin older than 3.1.0 does not
> have these code in pty. 

OK, is there a fix for that or is that the fix you already pushed? And
what is wrong with the usage of kill(). How can kill() be used

Is there are more things here it would be great to get them in for the
3.1.3 release.



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