fork: Resource temporarily unavailable errors after upgrading cygwin packages

Peter Dons Tychsen
Mon Feb 10 20:58:00 GMT 2020

Hi all,

On Thu, 2020-02-06 at 09:18 +1100, David Finnie wrote:
> That would be awesome if you could create a small test case

OK, i put together a test-case:

1) Put attached makefile somewhere
2) Download
and unzip it in same place.
3) Now run "make create"
4) Now run "make clean && make -j32". Try a couple of times.


a) If running via mintty - it hangs fairly quickly, and the task-
manager will show hanging gcc's and sh's.

b) If running in normal terminal via "bash --login" shortcut,
everything is ok. Ran 100s of times with no error.

It seems to be related to the fact the is is spawning non-cygwin
programs. If i do the same test with normal GCC (default cygwin gcc)
then everything is fine.

My guess would be that this is related to the pseudo-console changes.
I think it relates to an terminal I/O problem when the tasks are



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