Mintty/tmux hangs for 1 minute on startup - seems to be a forking issue

Anon User via cygwin
Sat Feb 1 07:39:00 GMT 2020

I first reported this problem to the Mintty project at GitHub.  With their help, I was able to debug the issue to the call to forkpty.  I installed tmux and found it also hangs the exact same way.  My guess is any process which makes this fork call will hang in a similar way. Rather than copy/paste the thread, I'd rather just refer you to there :

I will also direct link to the strace log I made which includes my comment showing where the hang happens: (Line 718 is the hanging point.)

Also Windows 10's analyze wait chain function in TaskManager shows the process waiting for Network I/O, but we see no evidence of network activity.

I haven't seen any other windows applications hang thusly, so I'm at a loss for what I've done to my windows system to have caused this. Otherwise, I'd expect others to share my pain.  Any ideas?
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