Odd hang of cc1.exe *now further isolated, potential console issues* cpp/gcc

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 04:55:01 GMT 2020

Am 29.04.2020 um 06:06 schrieb Shaddy Baddah:
> Hi Eliot,
> On 28/4/20 10:46 pm, Eliot Moss wrote:
>> Could it be a cygwin fork problem?  Definitely possible
>> in a 32-bit environment.  I had to rebase all the time.
>> Now that I'm mostly in the 64-bit environment it's not
>> such an issue.
> I suspected so and did trigger a rebaseall... it hasn't helped.
> As mysterious as this problem is, I can't rule out fork issues, but I
> have new information that suggests it might be something odd with
> console/pty I/O???

I bet on some BLODA interfering on execution and creating a
time glitch.

Unfortunately is not new. Can you teach you AV to avoid the
cygwin directories ?


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