building net-snmp: (was: Updated: net-snmp-5.8-1)

Brian Inglis
Tue Apr 28 15:58:51 GMT 2020

On 2020-04-28 09:38, Lee via Cygwin wrote:
>> If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing list is
>> the appropriate place.
> You don't need this anymore
>   02-path-separator.patch
> if you build net-snmp with
>   export ENV_SEPARATOR=":"
> And maybe now they'll accept a patch so that building on cygwin
> doesn't require an evar.  I think  "gcc -mno-cygwin ..."  might still
> have been supported when I tried to get it changed and the best they'd
> do was an evar when building.
> Is 06-winstub.patch necessary?  Necessary if all you're using is the
> command line tools?
> The changelog has this
> commit fda421625d20d8f8201479fa7f33c257fdc72015
> Author: Bart Van Assche <>
> Date:   Sun Nov 27 11:25:40 2016 -0800
>     Cygwin: getnetent() / getnetbyaddr() build fix
>     Recent versions of Cygwin have prototypes but no implementation for
>     these functions. Hence avoid that the Cygwin prototypes conflict
>     with the implementation.
> In other words, if I'm using just the snmp{get,set} command line
> tools, should I be applying this patch?

The current /usr/include/netdb.h definitions from cygwin-devel match the
prototypes under endnetent(3p) and netdb.h(0p) from man-pages-posix.
If you don't have cygwin-devel installed it shouldn't be an issue, and the
supplied implementation of the missing interfaces should match the POSIX specs:

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