XWin X11 server hangs if queried during launch

Miron Veryanskiy MironVeryanskiy@gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 03:26:25 GMT 2020


If I poll an X11 server status while the server is coming up, the
server sometimes hangs and fails to come up.
The failure is not consistent - sometimes the server comes up without
issues, even while I'm polling.
I've attached the log of when the server hangs during bringup.

You can try to reproduce the error by trying to launch X11 server
using this test case a couple of times:
XWin -multiwindow -noprimary -listen tcp & ( while ! xprop -display :0
-root; do :; done; ) &> /dev/null

I terminate the X Server in between test trials using this:
pkill --signal SIGTERM -i x && sleep 5s && pkill --signal SIGKILL -i x

Thank you,
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