Cygwin/X LXDE Desktop Issue

Tony Richardson
Sat Apr 25 17:38:56 GMT 2020

I have the LXDE desktop environment installed, every other time I try to
start it (via the LXDE icon under Cygwin/X) it doesn't completely start
up.  By that I mean I don't see the LXDE background screen (the screen is
solid black) and a different window manager appears to be running (I get a
different menu when I right-click on the root window).  I do see what
appears to the regular LXDE start menu and menu bar at the bottom of the
screen.  This is consistent.  If I see the black background, I can close
the environment (either by logging out or closing the root menu), restart
and everything is back to normal.  The next time I restart I see the black

I also have the Xfce desktop installed and it works fine everytime.  Does
anyone else have this issue with LXDE?  This has been an on-going issue for
me for a while (over a year?) on two different computers.

Tony Richardson

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