Problems with ssh when I log into my PC using my corporate domain while working from home

Achim Gratz
Thu Apr 23 19:33:38 GMT 2020

Mark Hansen writes:
> I think Windows knows who I am. I log into the machine using my normal domain login
> credentials. The machine looks the way it does when I log in when the machine is in the
> office - the desktop is the same, etc. - it's not acting like I'm a new user or anything
> like that.

That doesn't necessarily tell you anything about what happens when you
try to log in via ssh (which creates a new session and requires an
independent login).  Again, the fact that Cygwin shows you a different
user name already tells you that there is something quite different from
when you are in the office.  If you can strace id you might get a clue
of what is going on with the queries to the AD sever in both cases
(i.e. what server it asks and whether it gets an answer).

> Everything on the Windows side seems to be working fine. The only issue I've found is with
> Cygwin. Is there a way (short of removing and reinstalling Cygwin) that I can get Cygwin
> to recognize my current user so ssh and git can know where my home directory is located?

Yes, you can force a home directory via config files, but you should
keep in mind that this can fail in even more mysterious ways should the
environment change again.

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