Problems with ssh when I log into my PC using my corporate domain while working from home

Mark Hansen
Thu Apr 23 18:10:24 GMT 2020

On 4/23/2020 10:26 AM, ASSI wrote:
> Mark Hansen writes:
>> Here is my user id (from the id command) when I log in from the office:
>> uid=1293438(Mark.Hansen) gid=1049089(Domain Users) ...
>> Here is the same when I've logged in with the machine at home:
>> uid=1293438(MAN+User(244862)) gid=1293438
>> (MAN) is the domain.
> That likely means that when you connect from home, you cannot talk to the
> corporate domain server or you are ion a different domain.  The domain
> part is only shown when it isn't the primary domain IIRC and since the
> numerical user instead of the name is shown, that SID did not resolve.
>> The actual problem I'm having is that Cygwin tools like ssh, git, etc. can't find my .ssh
>> directory. They are looking in "/" rather than my home directory.
> Depending on how this is set up in your domain, you might need to point
> either Cygwin or sshd to use a separate local directory.  You have no
> network access on Windows (i.e. you won't be able to access any fils
> shares) until you've authenticated with a password.
>> I tried copying my .ssh directory from my home to "/" and although it was created, the
>> files have the wrong permissions and I'm unable to change them.
> You would need to be either an admin and/or the user who installed
> Cygwin for that to work, but you shouldn't do that.
>> Is there something I can tweak to get Cygwin to understand which user I am so the ssh
>> stuff can start working again?
> If Cygwin doesn't know who you are, then that means Windows doesn't know
> either, so fixing this on the Cygwin side won't get you much further.
> Regards,
> Achim.

I think Windows knows who I am. I log into the machine using my normal domain login
credentials. The machine looks the way it does when I log in when the machine is in the
office - the desktop is the same, etc. - it's not acting like I'm a new user or anything
like that.

Everything on the Windows side seems to be working fine. The only issue I've found is with
Cygwin. Is there a way (short of removing and reinstalling Cygwin) that I can get Cygwin
to recognize my current user so ssh and git can know where my home directory is located?

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